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Linking to a New Vehicle

If you wish to change vehicles or link to another partner, first reach out to your current partner to let them know about this. Once the partnership has amicably been dissolved, proceed to contact our Support Team for assistance with being linked to your new vehicle and/or partner.

To initiate the linking process, ensure that you have paid any pending commission fees. Please then provide us with the following documents:

  • Identification selfie
  • Proof of banking information (bank statement, account confirmation letter, etc.)
  • New vehicle registration number

Additional Information for Cape Town:

  • Linking can only be done once any pending payouts have been received
  • The partner i.e. vehicle owner must make the linking request by contacting Bolt directly via e-mail
  • If the vehicle owner is unavailable to submit the linking request, you as the driver must provide your identification selfie, an official police affidavit, a copy of your partner’s ID and proof of your partner’s banking information.


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