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Purchasing and Cancelling an E-bike Pass

With e-bike passes, you can enjoy more affordable rides. Passes are currently available for all iOS devices.

To check the details of the current active e-bike pass and passes available in the city, open the menu of the app and go to the E-bike Pass section. When you find a pass you like, click on the arrow icon and follow the instructions to purchase it.

By default, Pay as you go pass is applied if no other pass has been purchased. No actions are required to use this pass.

Important information

  • Currently, passes are available in some cities
  • The pass is activated after the payment has been processed successfully
  • The pass can only be used in a city it was purchased for
  • Passes are not auto-renewed. When your pass becomes inactive, you can choose the same subscription or another one.
  • If you use up the daily allowance or all minutes in the pack, you still will be able to enjoy riding an e-bike. All rides outside of the allowance will be billed according to the Pay as you go pass rates.
  • After the pass due date, the remaining unlocks and minutes expire. They can’t be transferred to the other passes or users.

Cancelling a pass

If you want to deactivate your pass, please contact our Support team via the app within 14 days of the purchase date.


  • Currently, it is not possible to freeze the pass or transfer it to another user
  • More information on pass cancellation and refund policy is available in General Terms of Service.
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