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How to get Exempt Micro Entity affidavit in South Africa

By submitting an Exempt Micro Entity (EME) affidavit form, you automatically qualify for a Level-1 BEE rating. Level-1 BEE rating could increase your future earning potential. Having a Level-1 BEE rating allows Bolt to get more rides for you as a driver in the future as we find more corporate clients who require BEE certification from drivers.

Where to find the EME form?

Fill in the form to apply for EME. If you can't print the form, you can get a copy in the Raspberry Academy. Find the location of the nearest centre on the website.

How to complete the EME form?

See the example of how to fill in the form.

Please note that the form must be stamped by a Commissioner of Oaths. Your closest Police station can do this for you.

How to submit the form?

Submit the form at a Raspberry Academy location or send the form to the email address

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