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About earnings and bonuses

You earn on a per delivery basis. The delivery fee includes:

  • Order pickup fee
  • Order drop-off fee
  • Distance travelled from the restaurant to the client.

Additionally, you can also qualify for:

  • Bonuses
  • Compensations
  • Small order fees.

Please note that the multiplier only applies to the pickup, drop off, and km travelled. It does not apply to additional or minimum earnings thresholds. 

Some customers may offer you a tip for your service. Because this exchange does not happen in the app, these amounts will not form part of your earnings. 

The following items can be subtracted from your earnings:

  • Deductions (for breakages, cash adjustment, equipment, etc.)
  • VAT (if you are registered). 

Earnings for orders with multiple drop-offs

If there is one pickup location with separate drop-offs: 

  • You earn one pickup fee
  • A drop 0ff fee for each delivery address
  • The distance from the pickup location, to customer one, then customer two. 

If there are separate pickup locations with separate drop-offs:

  • You earn a pickup fee for each pickup location
  • A drop 0ff fee for each delivery address
  • The distance from pick up location, to pickup location, to drop off location to final drop off location.
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