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I was charged a fine

You may be charged a fine in the following cases:

  • You finished the ride outside of the designated area where parking is allowed. When you try to end the ride outside of the parking area, you will receive a notification prompting you to change the scooter’s location or accept a fine.
  • You left the scooter in a non-parking area, and the ride has been automatically finished there
  • You left the scooter on pause in a non-parking area, and the trip has been automatically finished there. When pausing the ride, you will be notified when the trip is automatically ended and if a fine may be applied.

Parking and non-parking zone borders are visible in the app. No-parking zones are marked red.

You can view the allocated fine in the ride receipt sent to your email address.

If you feel that the fine was misapplied, please contact our Support team through this article.

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