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I can't request a ride

Unable to request a ride? There might be several reasons for it:

  • Insufficient funds: The system may validate your card with a reversible transaction. Make sure that you have enough funds on your card and if not, topping up your account will help in this case.
  • Blocked account: In such a situation you will get an error message in the app. Please read it carefully and if needed, reach out to our Support team.  
  • Failed payments: If we were unable to charge you for your previous ride, you won’t be able to request a new one until the payment has been settled. Please reach out to your bank and ask them to allow this transaction. Afterwards, you can use the Retry payment option in the Payments section. If you require any further assistance, contact our Support team.
  • Technical issues: If you are experiencing any, please take screenshots and contact our Support team. The more information you provide, the faster we can assist!
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