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Managing Customer Order Pickup’s

Customers can choose to pick up an order placed in the Bolt Food app from your restaurant. Orders that will be collected from your location by the customer are marked as a Pickup in your app. 

Depending on your restaurant set-up, these pickup orders can either be paid for in the app or through physical cash exchange at the restaurant.


Cashless Pickup

  • The customer has already paid for their order using a payment method they have added to the Bolt Food app.
  • When the customer collects their order, click the Picked up button.


Cash Pickup

  • These orders have a yellow highlight across the word Pickup and the order value. 
  • The customer has not paid for the order yet, as such, restaurant staff must collect payment from the customer before giving them their order.
  • Once payment has been collected, click the Received button.


Note: Always mark pickup orders as picked up as soon as it happens. Failure to do so will negatively impact the Customer experience and delay order settlement for your establishment.

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