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Customer Paid More Cash

When a customer chooses to make a cash payment for their order, they are informed to have the exact amount to pay for it. 

If the customer is not able to pay the exact amount, you will have to provide them with change using the app in the following manner:

  • Press the Collect from client option
  • Enter the exact amount the customer gave you 
  • Click the Submit button
  • Confirm the amount by selecting Yes in the confirmation screen
  • Check the Deliver order box 
  • Complete the order by clicking the Delivered button.

Please inform the client that the amount will now appear in their Bolt Food balance. They can check it by clicking their Payments button.

If you entered the wrong amount, please contact Support via the app for help.

Note: If the customer wants to use the extra amount to tip you for your service, you need only to enter the exact order value when indicating the amount collected from the client. 

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