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Trip cancellation fee

Cancellation fees have been implemented to compensate drivers for the time and distance invested in a trip that does not eventuate.

Cancellation fees are applied in the following situations:

  • You cancel a trip request 4 min after the driver accepts and is driving towards your pickup location
  • Driver cancels the request 4 min after he has already arrived at the pickup location and waited for you.

The cancellation fee notification appears in-app, and a receipt is sent to your email. Cancellation fees help us maintain efficiency, ensure faster pickups and ease drivers’ concerns of driving at a loss.


  • The exact amount of the cancellation fee is visible in the app before the cancellation is confirmed
  • The cancellation fee is £6 (Bolt), £8 (Executive and XL) and £10 for Airport requests
  • Be considerate to drivers as ride cancellations may affect their earnings and activities.
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