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Airport, parking and additional fees in the UK

You may have noticed additional fees on your Bolt receipt. Please note that these additional fees are added to trips taken to and from places of interest in some cities. These fees may also be added to trips taken through major city gateways such as national tunnels and bridges. They are also automatically added to your final trip price.

Additional fees in London:

  • Congestion Charge fee (£1.50) is added to all trips which start in, go through or end in the Congestion Charge Zone. This will apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure there is adequate availability of drivers in Central London and wait times are as short as possible.
  • Toll road fees are added to any trip that goes via a paid road or tunnel. These fees can include the Dartford Crossing Fee (£2.50) or the Dulwich Tollgate (£1.20).

The airport fees that may be added to your final fare are:

  • Heathrow Airport: drop-off £5, pick-up £5.10
  • Gatwick Airport: drop-off £5, pick-up £5
  • Luton Airport: drop-off £5, pick-up £5
  • Stansted Airport: drop-off £7.00, pick-up £10.00
  • City Airport: drop-off £0.00, pick-up £3.50
  • Southend Airport: drop-off £3.00
  • Birmingham Airport: drop-off £3.00, pick-up £3.00
  • Newcastle Airport: drop-off £4.00, pick-up £4.00.
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