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I Didn't Receive a Payout

Your payments are calculated automatically on a weekly basis. A payment cycle runs from Monday (00:00) to the following Sunday (23:59). If you are due to receive a payout, we will send the funds during the first half of the next week.

If you didn’t receive a payout, please make sure:

  • Your driver account is active
  • The bank account details associated with your account are correct. If there is a typo, please update the bank account details. The sum will be included in the current balance and paid with your next payout.
  • Your balance by the end of the week was equal to or greater than R 200.00. If it is below the threshold, the sum will be carried over to the next week's balance.

In case you use a bank account of a company or another person, please approach them for more details.

If the tips above didn’t help, please contact our Support team through this article.

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