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Additional fees in Norway

Additional fees apply to trips taken to and from specific city areas. Such fees are automatically added to the final trip price if you are going into Oslo county (crossing Bygrensen), to and from the bigger city of Oslo (crossing Osloringen), or to and from the city center (Indre ring).

Bolt is available for use to and from Oslo Airport (Oslo Lufthavn). Airport trips have fixed pricing:

  • To and from Oslo: Economy: 630 NOK, Bolt: 722 NOK, Electric: 722 NOK, Premium: 1260 NOK
  • To and from Asker: Economy: 1079 NOK, Bolt: 1163 NOK, Electric:  1163 NOK, Premium: 1825 NOK
  • To and from Bærum: Economy: 719 NOK, Bolt: 775 NOK, Electric: 775 NOK, Premium: 1437 NOK.

Note: Any applicable toll fees are not included and will be added to the final price automatically.

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