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Introducing upfront pricing

Bolt in the United Kingdom has recently introduced upfront pricing. An upfront price is an exact trip price shown to you before you request the trip. This is the amount you will pay at the end of your journey.

Upfront pricing takes the following into account:

  • Base fare: the price for pickup
  • Minute rate: time from start to end of a journey
  • Mile rate: distance of the route covered
  • Dynamic pricing, if applicable.

You will see the upfront price for each category after entering your destination. This prediction is the best estimate we can give considering the optimal route and the estimated time of arrival.

The following factors can influence the final trip price:

  • Traffic and other incidents: if the trip takes much longer than estimated due to traffic or other factors, the price will be calculated based on the actual time and distance travelled
  • Toll road fee: upfront pricing is usually the minimum amount you can expect to pay for a Bolt ride, an exception being when a toll/congestion charge fee is added to a trip but the actual trip does not enter the area where the fee is enabled. 
  • Destination changes and additional stops: if you change the destination or request additional stops, the upfront price will be adjusted to account for the distance to the drop-off location.
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