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Understanding your balance

The balance is a representation of your platform earnings. You can find this information in the app from the All deliveries menu option. 

If your balance is positive, this means that Bolt owes you a sum of money that you can receive as a  payout

When your balance is negative, this means that you owe money and you should pay this to Bolt.

What affects your balance? 

Your balance increases in the following case:

  • When you pay for an order in cash at the restaurant (cash pickup)
  • When you make a deposit/payment to Bolt to lower your balance
  • When you qualify for a bonus or take part in a campaign.

Your balance lowers in the following cases:

  • When you deliver a cash dropoff order where the customer gives you cash
  • When your positive balance is paid out to you.

Please take note that your balance may not always update in real-time. Any pending balance changes will appear in the All deliveries view with an hourglass icon.

Important Info for Fleets: If you are part of a fleet company, payouts will be generated and paid to the registered fleet bank account. If you have not received your payout, please contact your fleet administrator to enquire about this.

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