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How to finish the ride

To finish your ride, open the map and check if you’re within the allowed parking zone. When you’re zoomed into the map, the prohibited ending areas are marked in red.

If you zoom out, you’ll see a green border that shows the main city borders and any smaller areas in nearby towns in which you can finish the ride - please note that these differ depending on the vehicle you are using, and are subject to change. 

Find a parking space in the allowed parking zone and check the local parking regulations, then safely park the vehicle. You can park free of charge in any paid outdoor parking lots and city street parking areas managed by AS Ühisteenused.

It is not permitted to end your trip in a parking area marked “Eraparkla”, or any other private parking area.

Before finishing the ride in the app, please close the windows, leave the keys in the cup holder, and check you’ve taken all your belongings. 

Ensure the doors are closed, then open the app and click Finish ride.

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