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About promotions

Restaurants on the platform may offer promotional items and campaigns. Active promotions are displayed in the Bolt Food app. 

The following promotional campaigns are available on the platform:

  • Buy 1 get 1 free 
  • Discount on entire menu (% discount)
  • Different discount levels on menu items (discounts are non-additive)
  • Free delivery 

You will automatically apply for the promotion or discount when you purchase any of the enrolled/discounted items. 

Please note that promotions available in the Bolt Food app are exclusive to the platform and cannot be redeemed when making an in-store purchase. In the same, any in-store promotions are not applicable for orders placed on the platform. 

Promotions are only available for limited times and may not always apply to other franchise outlets. 

Note: Promo, referral and discount codes generated on your ride-hailing account cannot be applied to a Bolt Food order. 

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