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Fleet owner document requirements in Germany

Fleet owners in Germany must provide the documents listed below to be considered for operating with the Bolt platform. 

To ensure that we can process your application smoothly, please ensure that the full document is visible, clear, and in colour. You must provide photographs of the original documents, as we do not accept copies.

ID or Passport of the company owner:

If providing an ID card, please provide both sides of the document. The name on the ID card or passport must match the other documents.

ID_-_front.jpeg ID_-_back.jpeg


The document must be in blue for PHV companies, and in yellow for taxi companies and is A4 size. It must include the name of the company owner, the company address, the expiry date of the licence as well as a list of all the licenced car plates. The expiry date must be valid.

konzession_mietwagen_muster.png konzession_taxi_muster.png


Required from companies only. The name on the document must match the ID/Passport, and the company name must match the Genehmigungsurkunde. The registration number is stated on this document. 



Required from sole proprietors only. The name on the document must match the ID/Passport.



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