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How to use expense provider with the work profile

You can connect your company's expense system to your work profile so that Bolt ride receipts will be automatically forwarded to the expense provider.

There are two possibilities to do so:

In the app:

  • Go to the Work rides tab in the menu
  • Open the Add expense provider option
  • Follow the instructions on the website of the platform to complete the process.

Using the website:

  • Go to SAP Concur website
  • Select Resources from the menu
  • Go to the App center section
  • Type in Bolt using the search bar and log in using your SAP credentials
  • You will need to verify the login using the SMS code sent to your phone number. After that, your work profile is connected to the expense provider.

Please note that if you change your email address for receipts, you will need to reconnect the expense provider.

To disconnect the expense provider from your work profile, go to Work rides from the app, select the expense provider and click on the trashcan icon.

In case of any issues, please contact the expense provider.

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