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I want to change my contact details in the UK

You can find information below on how to update your:

Email address
Home/billing address
Phone number

To change your email address 

  • Contact our Support team via the app.

To change your home address:

  • Log in to the Driver Portal and upload an up-to-date DVLA Driving Licence, PHL, and a bank statement displaying your new address.

To change your phone number:

  • Open the Settings in the Bolt driver app
  • Go to Account and click on Driver Portal
  • Go to Phone Number, enter your new number and click Save
  • We'll send a confirmation code via SMS to your old phone number (the number currently on your driver account)
  • Enter the code in the driver app and click Apply.

Note: If you no longer have access to your old phone number, please contact our Support.

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