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I want to change my order

Please review your basket items and preferred delivery method before proceeding to checkout. 

If you have made a mistake with your order, please proceed in the appropriate manner:

Adding an item to your order

It is not possible to amend a confirmed order. As such, please place a new order with your desired item(s). 

Changing or swapping items in your order

Please call the restaurant to change or swap any items in your confirmed order. 

Kindly note that the restaurant may not be able to fulfil the request if the requested items are:

  • Not available or out of stock
  • Priced differently.

Removing an item from your order

Please call the restaurant to remove any items from your order. 

Once the order is delivered/picked up without the item, please inform Support. Kindly provide a picture of the order.  

Adding/changing delivery notes

Please contact the courier directly to provide them with the details. 

You will be able to call the courier through the app once they have picked up your order from the restaurant.

Changing the delivery address

Please contact Support through the app for help with this. 

Changing the delivery method

The option to switch between pickup and delivery (and vice versa) is not available. Please make the necessary plans to ensure you are available to receive or fetch your order.  

Changing the delivery time

  • Delivery: Once the order is accepted, it is not possible to amend the delivery time. 
  • Pickup: Please call the restaurant to arrange a later pickup time.

Switching your payment method

Your selected payment method is billed once you confirm your order. It is not possible to switch or change this hereafter. 

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