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Rider made a mess in my vehicle in Ireland

If a rider has made a mess in a taxi which would stop a driver from continuing his work a soilage fee of up to €140 may be applied by the driver. 

This can be paid by the rider by cash or via card a card terminal. 

If a rider refuses to pay this fee, contact the local authorities. 

Report a mess or damage made immediately before beginning the next trip and provide us with the following:

  • At least 3 clear photos of the stains made (see photo tips below)
  • Details about the journey (name of the rider, pick-up and drop-off locations, date and times would be helpful)
  • A brief description of how the incident occurred.

We may also ask you to provide a receipt of the mess/damage to verify that it has been cleaned or repaired.

The receipt or quote should contain the following:

  • The name and details of the car cleaning company
  • The services provided (i.e. car-cleaning) and the cost of service.

Check your vehicle after a journey is completed to see for a mess/damage made by a rider.

Photo tips

  • Take a closeup picture from different angles and further away so we can get a clear idea of the extent of the mess
  • The photo taken should capture the time and date of the incident
  • Turn on the car's interior light or use the flash to make sure pictures are clear in low light situations.


  • We will only accept one cleaning compensation request which does not follow the above procedure. Any further requests for cleaning compensation that does not comply with our procedure will be declined.
  • Incidents should be reported immediately. Reports made after further trips have been taken with a stained/damaged vehicle may not be processed.

Contact our Support team through the app with all details as explained above.

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