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Why was I charged multiple times for my order?

If you’re renting one of our vehicles for a longer period of time, we will collect partial payments for your order using the service in two ways:

  • If the order amount exceeds 50€: We'll attempt to collect 50€. When you finish the order, we'll collect the remaining balance
  • If you keep a vehicle for more than 24 hours and the order amount doesn't exceed 50€: We'll attempt to collect the outstanding amount once every 24 hours

When you finish your order we’ll send you an email with the order details, including invoices for your payments.

Please ensure that you have enough funds on your payment card to cover payments throughout your order, as we can not allow continued use of our vehicles if payments remain unpaid.

If you believe that you have been charged incorrectly, please contact our support team via the app.

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