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South Gloucestershire document requirements

Drivers who are licensed by South Gloucestershire Council must provide the documents listed below to be considered for driving on the Bolt platform. South Gloucestershire drivers can operate in the Bristol area.

Please follow carefully the instructions to have your documents successfully reviewed for account activation:

DVLA Driving licence


  • Must be a photograph of the front of the current UK DVLA Plastic Driving Licence
  • Must be a full licence, not provisional
  • Address (including postcode) must match with your Private Hire Driver's licence

DVLA Check Code


  • Must be generated on the government webpageor by calling the DVLA
  • Must be a combination of letters and numbers exactly as shown on the webpage - the code is case-sensitive (please underline the capital letters if you are copying the code)

Private Hire Driver Badge/Dual HC & PH Driver Badge


  • Must be issued by South Gloucestershire Council
  • Must be a photograph of the front of your current Private Hire Driver Badge, or Dual HC & PH Driver Badge
  • Your image, PHL Number, and the Expiry Date must be clearly shown
  • Your Licence Number must match your PHL

Private Hire Driver Licence or Dual Driver's Licence

South_Glos_PHL.jpeg South_Glos_Dual_PHL.png

  • Must be issued by South Gloucestershire Council
  • Must be a clear photograph of the full, original paper certificate
  • Name and address (including postcode) must match with your UK Plastic Driving Licence
  • Licence number must match your Driver Badge

Private Hire Vehicle Licence (PHV)


  • Must be issued by South Gloucestershire Council
  • Must be a clear photograph of the entire page
  • Must be a valid Private Hire Vehicle Licence
  • Vehicle registration number must match your other vehicle documents

MOT Test Certificate


  • MOT expiry date must be valid
  • The vehicle registration number, make and model must match your PHV

V5C Logbook, New Keeper Slip or E-Logbook


  • Please provide a V5C Logbook page that states your vehicle's registration number and the V5C document number
  • The New Keeper Slip will be accepted for a period of 2 months from the date of the transfer or sale

Hire and Reward Insurance Certificate

  • The insurance policy must state for “Hire and Reward”
  • Make sure that the Insurance policy does not have any typos in your name
  • Insurance documents with time restrictions on coverage are not accepted

If you rent a car:

  • Fleet insurance policy certification and any other supporting documents such as Policy Schedule (Driver and Vehicle schedule) or/and Permission letter

Bank statement

  • Must be for the same account that you will receive your Bolt payments to
  • The account must be in your name
    • We accept only personal bank details (including joint personal accounts)
  • The address, sort code and account number must be visible
  • The statement must not be over 3 months old
    • This can be shown as an issue date or as a date of a transaction
  • The financial details of the transactions can be excluded from the statement (cropped or blurred out)

Profile picture

  • Visible to clients on Bolt passenger App
  • Matches the requirements.
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