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I want to join or change a vehicle category in the United Kingdom

You can see the trip category of an incoming request before you accept it. If you only wish to receive requests from a specific category, adjust the in-app settings:

  • Click on the Vehicle Model on your profile
  • Untick the category you wish to be excluded from
  • Click Save

Note: It is not possible to receive XL requests only, you will still be included in the Bolt category.

If you have a question regarding a specific category, please see the information below.

Electric category

Please note that if your vehicle is not fully electric (i.e. it is a hybrid), you will not be enrolled in campaigns intended for Electric Vehicles. You can check your vehicle’s fuel type from V5C logbook or by searching with the vehicle registration number in the GOV.UK enquiry service

XL category

Joining XL category

  • As a new or existing driver: with vehicles that match the vehicle requirements for XL requests will be automatically assigned to the applicable category.

Note: Seating number is dictated by the licenced seating stated in their Private Hire Vehicle Licence. Driver's V5C (vehicle registration document), may have a different value, however, we abide by the licencing documents.

Comfort and Executive categories

As long as the respective vehicle requirements are met, enrollment is done automatically. To keep driving in these categories, additional weekly requirements for minimum average rating and completion rate must be met. The completion rate represents the % of finished orders out of all confirmed orders within the relevant categories.

To keep driving with Comfort, the driver must meet the weekly requirements by maintaining a minimum driver rating of 4.2 and a 75% completion rate across all trips.

To keep driving with Executive, the driver must meet the weekly requirements by maintaining a minimum driver rating of 4.5 and a 85% completion rate across all Executive trips.

Note: If you don’t meet the weekly requirements for Executive, you can still continue to drive within the Comfort category as long as the weekly requirements for Comfort are met.

Protect category

While Protect category no longer exists, you can still continue driving with the protective shield installed in your vehicle in other categories the vehicle qualifies for.

In case you have any other questions, please reach out to the Support team via the app.

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