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Where can I park the car during the ride in France?

During your ride, you can park the car free of charge within the allowed area.

You will need to pay for parking:

  • in the car outside the allowed area
  • in parking lots within or outside the allowed area that require taking an entrance ticket

You cannot park in:

  • a private territory unless you have permission
  • car-sharing parking spots designated for other car-sharing brand cars (not Bolt)

Before parking the car:

  • Always check the in-app map, as some vehicles may have different parking areas.
  • Double-check if it's allowed park the car in your selected parking spot for the next 24 hours - if not, please choose a different area for parking.

If you receive a parking fine for unpaid or illegal parking, you will be responsible to pay for it.

For short stopovers during the ride, you can park the car in any legal place of convenience. Always follow the local parking regulations and ensure that the vehicle doesn't block traffic or become an obstacle for pedestrians.

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