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Where can I finish the ride in France?

Check the in-app map to confirm if you're located in an area where you'll be able to finish your ride:

  • When zoomed out of the map, you'll see the main city borders and nearby town areas in green - you won't be able to finish a ride outside of these areas
  • When zoomed in, the red areas are the prohibited zones - you can park the car in the transparent areas. The allowed areas may differ for some vehicles.

You cannot end the ride in:

  • private parking areas
  • parking lots that require taking an entrance ticket
  • areas where the regular rules for parking don't allow it (parking for deliveries, emergency services, disabled parking spaces)
  • car-sharing parking spots designated for other car-sharing brand cars (not Bolt).

Find a parking space in the allowed area, check the local parking regulations, and safely park the vehicle.

Before finishing the ride, make sure to:

  • attach the car keys and fuel card to the key holder with the magnetic key ring
  • take your belongings
  • close all windows and doors and then finish the ride in the app.
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