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How to install snow socks on the wheels

In winter, all vehicles in France have snow socks stored in the trunk. Install them on the car's wheels when the roads are icy and snowy. For safety reasons, please don't use them when there's no snow on the road or it's heavily snowy. Do not drive more than 50 km/h while the car is equipped with snow socks. 

All our vehicles are front-wheel drive, so you'll place the snow socks on the front wheels.

To install the snow sock:

  • Place it on the top of the wheel and pull it to the middle of it
  • Align the tread of the tire with the tread of the sock
  • If needed, use the straps to centre it
  • Move the vehicle one metre to access the other side of the wheel
  • Pull the sock over the other side of the wheel and make sure that it's centred and covers the whole tyre
  • Repeat this for the other front wheel.

Take off the snow socks when you get to a cleared road surface.

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