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I was charged for a fine issued by the city

You may be charged for a fine issued by the city if you don’t comply with the city rules and Bolt T&Cs. The reason may be one of the following:

  • Blocking pedestrians on the sidewalk
  • Blocking intersections or road crossing
  • Impeding public transport stops
  • The vehicle was not parked in a dedicated parking area 
  • The vehicle was parked in a car parking area

To see more details on the rules, open the Safety Toolkit in the app.

You can view the allocated fine in the fine receipt sent to your email address. The receipt will display the date that the fine will be charged to your payment method. 

In case you paid for the ride with ApplePay, the fine will be displayed as negative Bolt Balance on your account. You can see it under the Payments tab in the app.

If you feel that the fine was charged incorrectly, please contact our Support team via the app. 

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