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How to set up your own pricing

You can set up your pricing in the app whenever you don’t have an active order.

Please note that if you set up your pricing, it will be applied to all ride categories available for you.

If you have questions about setting your pricing, please review the following information:

How to choose pricing method

You can change the preferred pricing method in Settings or on the home screen. You can choose your custom pricing or Bolt pricing. Bolt prices are set up for each category and vary automatically depending on the demand for rides.

How to set up your pricing

You can change the preferred pricing method and set up your pricing in Settings or on the home screen.

While setting up your price, you will be able to select a distance rate within the provided range: the maximum – the highest possible price level in your location, and the minimum – a level that prevents below-cost trips. We recommend adjusting your pricing based on the changing traffic conditions to ensure your earnings are at your expected level.

The distance rate you set up is the minimum distance rate used to calculate your fares. You will not receive orders with a distance rate lower than that, however, you may receive orders which are calculated with a higher distance rate.

Please note that you will not be able to set up a minute rate.

Price components included in your own pricing

The following price components will be applied automatically to the final price regardless of your pricing preferences. These fares are predefined by a category of a certain ride:

  • Base fare (a fare for pickup)
  • Minimum price
  • Paid wait time if applicable
  • Minute rate (ride duration)
  • Any additional fee, if applicable (for example, cancellation fees, airport or toll fees, booking fees).

Price components not included in your own pricing

If you choose your pricing, the following price components will not apply to the final fare:

  • Dynamic pricing or any other modifiers.

Note: Whenever your pricing becomes lower than Bolt pricing due to ongoing high demand, you will be automatically switched to Bolt pricing instead.

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